CloudCare was originally developed from a necessity of simplification and automation for daily tasks in the Office 365 admin portal. CloudCare acts as an extra layer on top of the Office 365 admin portal and also connects it to other IT environments, such as the local active directory.
When the ICT-experts at IT-Care started to use the tool on a daily basis, because it was a real added value to the standard Office 365 portal, we decided to give our customers the possibility to get access to the tool for daily user management tasks. CloudCare continued to grow, at the request of our existing customers, and now includes several crucial advantages in the daily management of the users. Of course, the tool continues to respond to the daily bottlenecks and frustrations of our customers. Every time a new question comes in, our development team examines the implementation possibilities.

The needs of Groupe Forrest International S.A.
The Forrest Group is a group of companies which have a common shareholder, the Forrest family. The companies, partially or entirely owned by the FORREST GROUP, are active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya and Belgium. Because of their different activities in different countries, the Forrest Group has a lot of nomadic workers, working in different places while away from their office, often using mobile devices to do their work. The Office 365 tools offer a flexible solution in this situation. But managing such a diverse workforce from IT-perspective is not that easy. The IT-responsible at the Forrest Group, Patrick Malherbe, was looking for a tool that would simplify the user management of the group. Patrick was one of the first and most active users of the CloudCare tool. From day one he has been in direct contact with our developers, giving feedback, asking questions, simply making the tool better.

Biggest advantage of CloudCare for Groupe Forrest S.A.
When we last asked Patrick to give us the biggest advantage of CloudCare for him, he said:
“CloudCare is a tool where I can quickly and centrally perform operations that can be complex in the Office 365 and azure environment.”
For him CloudCare is a great complementary tool to the Microsoft Office 365 dashboard. It allows him to easily access features that are not always obvious to master in the Microsoft environment. It is a tool written by IT professionals that facilitates the user management for IT professionals but also brings reporting opportunities to different departments of a company such as HR.