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The CloudCare features are always a solution to practical IT-problems of our customers. They simplify and automate the daily operations of the IT-administrator. Every time a new question comes in, our development team examines the implementation possibilities. Is your idea not yet in the list below? Request it at the bottom of this page by filling in our request form.


Office 365 CloudCare
Last password change
Last logon time
List of all the groups and their members
List of all the contacts
Office 365 CloudCare
List of user mailboxes (with last logon time and last password change)
List of all the shared mailboxes (Mailbox Languages, delete items, copy send item, …)
List of the room mailboxes (Mailbox Languages, delete items, …)
List of the mailbox rights
List of all the mailbox 'send as' rights
Overview of the activated out of office of all members
List of all the forwards
Office 365 CloudCare
Folders (inbox, calendar, ...)
Public folders

Employee management system 

Office 365 CloudCare
Create new user in different environments in one process
Copy settings of an existing user (copy settings, copy rights, ...)
Add tasks and send them to the responsables (example: the new employee needs a laptop)
Office 365 CloudCare
Easy wizard to delete an employee, all steps included
Activate Out of Office for the mailbox
Remove all licenses that are linked to this account
Check if user is a synced user in other IT environments
Convert the mailbox to shared mailbox (no loss of emails)
Activate forward for new incomming e-mails
Add rights for other users (full mailbox and send as)
Create list of mobile devices and remote whipe or disconnect them
Summary of wizard before completion, check all the chosen options before deleting the user
Office 365 CloudCare
Force delta and full synchronisation
Create user in Active Directory
Copy user from Active Directory
Edit user from Active Directory
Reset Password of user of Active Directory
Office 365 CloudCare
Reset Languages (owa and mailbox)
Change Password Complexity (multiple users)
Change Password Expiration (multiple users)
Remove, Restore users from recycle bin
Search after mail-adres (get more info: is it an alias, user, group?)
Bulk Change copy sent items to shared mailbox.
Manage templates for Out of Office
Limit Location and Languages
Edit users
Office 365 CloudCare
Create groups
Manage groups (without owner rights)
Create Roomlist
Office 365 CloudCare
Manage full mailbox rights (with or without automapping)
Manage send-as rights
Manage folder rights (Calendar, Inbox, …)
Office 365 CloudCare
Apply settings

Role management 

Office 365 CloudCare
HR-user with limited access
Different IT-users with different access
Office 365 CloudCare
Give a local IT-user the rights to manage users based on geographic limitations (example: only users in Italy)
HR-user can manage users without admin rights in a secure environment (example: set Out Of Office)
Limit rights by delegation and OU.
Office 365 CloudCare
Licensing role (request new licenses)
Office 365 CloudCare
Logging of actions (all actions are registered)

Working hours 

Office 365 CloudCare
Select the timeframe within wich users can receive e-mails
Select the timeframe within wich users can send e-mails
Create schemes to limit access to a mailbox
Apply the scheme to users our groups
Office 365 CloudCare
Use Templates
Set Multiple Out office at once