Role Management


The role management module is an important part of CloudCare and manages the access to the CloudCare tool itself. The IT manager will of course have full access to the application and all its functions. But other colleagues can also use a number of features as well. Just think of an HR employee who would like to check whether everyone has set their out of office for the coming holidays.

Within CloudCare it is possible to give different employees a unique role within the tool. For example, you can give an IT colleague limited access to manage a geographically dispersed group. A local IT employee abroad can then only manage the users he is responsible for, even if they are managed within the same Office 365 tenant.

The role management module, also gives us the possibility to relieve the IT administrator’s work. The HR-team can get access to the users and make adjustments to the Office 365 tenant in an easy-to-use interface. They can create new users / email addresses themselves for a new colleague through the existing wizards. The rights are limited, nothing can go wrong. These restricted users don’t even need access to the Active Directory to make these adjustments.