Emoloyee management system


The Employee management component is actually the basis of CloudCare. The features offered within this section ensure that day-to-day tasks regarding usermanagement are much easier and for a large part automated.

Using Wizards, different actions that belong to one task but within the Office 365 portal often have to be performed one by one, are brought together in a very simple interface. This has the advantage that all necessary steps are mandatory and that no action is forgotten. This way CloudCare reduces the IT-administrator’s workload.

In addition to the wizards, the complete management of the users is elaborated in the tool: Reset Languages (owa and mailbox); Change Password Complexity (multiple Users); Change Password Expiration (multiple Users); Remove, Restore Users from recycle bin; Search after mail-adres (get more info: is it an alias, user, group?); Bulk Change copy sent items to shared mailbox; Manage templates for Out of Office; Limit Location and Languages; Edit Users; …

All these actions can be performed with full synchronization with a local active directory.

HR staff can also use these wizards, read more here.

Here are some important wizards available in CloudCare:

Add new employee
CloudCare simplifies the process of creating a new user. The wizard takes you through all the necessary steps so that the new employee has the right tools (mailbox, rights, ...) available when he starts. In addition, it is possible to copy the settings of existing users. If the new colleague has to obtain the same rights as the other employees within the sales department, for example, the settings (groups, logon script, ...) can simply be copied from the Active Directory, which is very easy.

With the arrival of a new colleague there are often other assignments that have to be carried out. CloudCare gives you the opportunity to include these additional components (such as a company car, laptop, smartphone) in a to do list and appoint the person responsible for this. This person will receive an e-mail with the expectations.

Exit employee

The wizard ‘user out of service’ allows the IT administrator to take the necessary steps when a user leaves the company. The licence is removed, an out of office is set, the mailbox is converted to a shared mailbox, … All these steps are brought together in one easy userface. That way, the risk of something being forgotten, which can damage the security of the organization, is minimal. Even the mobile access to company data can be managed with this wizard.