Adding a new user in Office 365 is often more complicated than first thought, especially regarding the necessary licenses and rights of this user. Of course you don't want to make mistakes that endanger the IT security of the organization. To automate and greatly simplify that process, a new wizard has been created within CloudCare that lets you create a new user in 5 steps (and 5 minutes) where all settings conform to the guidelines of your organization.

Step 1: How and where do you want to create the user?
CloudCare gives you the possibility to create a new user in Office 365 that automatically syncs from your local Active Directory. This way you don't have to create 2 profiles and you minimize the risk of making mistakes. Of course you can also opt to create a cloud-only user without local sync. Perhaps the most interesting option is that of 'copy user'. Here you get the option to copy all settings of an existing user. Suppose you want to add a new sales colleague, why not just take over all the licenses, rights and settings from an existing sales employee? Simple right?

Step 2: General info
Here, the user is given a name and an account. A strong password can be provided or automatically generated. Voila, the user is already starting to take shape.

Step 3: Additional info
Now we fill in a number of details to assign the new colleague a place within the organization. You can fill in the job title, assign a manager, etc. When the 'copy user' feature was used, a number of fields will already be filled in.

Step 4: Licenses, groups and templates
Normally you can only assign licenses or rights after the creation of a new on-prem user. With CloudCare, these settings are included in one very simple overview in the wizard. Use a drop down menu to see which licenses are still active on your tenant and activate them for the specific user (requesting new licenses is also one of the many features within CloudCare). With regard to the rights in different groups, you can also use one simple overview. Select within 1 menu which groups the new user should belong to, choose different Office 365 groups, SharePoint Groups, Exchange online groups, Active Directory groups and even Teams. Again, when you use the feature copy user, the necessary licenses and rights are already selected. During this step, use templates to automatically inform the right people within the organization about the new colleague. Based on the activated template (for example sales), the necessary preparations can be made with regard to business phone, laptop, headset, car, subscriptions, etc.

Step 5: Create the user
Review all the settings and create the new user. Very simple, very fast, very secure.

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