When an employee leaves the company, a variety of tasks have to be performed by the IT department. The leaving colleague has gained access to a lot of data during the time he was working at the organization. In the context of the modern workplace, he also has access to that data from different locations and devices. Perhaps there are personal devices, his own smartphone or tablet, where he can read his e-mails on. It is crucial to disconnect the user from that data, without any dataloss. In addition, we also want to take into account that the devices may not be completely erased, as there may also be personal data on them. The 'End of Employment' wizard within CloudCare structures some of these steps.

Step 1: Select the user
Decide which user leaves the company and specify what you want to erase. For example, you can opt to remove this person from all existing groups, to move him to another unit, to delete his licenses, or to disable his account.

Step 2: mailbox settings
In the second phase we are going to disconnect the user from his personal company data, and we are going to determine who gets access to this data after de employee has left the organization. You can opt to forward new emails from his mailbox or share his mailbox with another colleague. The data within this person's OneDrive can also be made available to another colleague. Decide whether or not the user should get an out of office. As for the mobile devices, you can opt for a disconnection or a complete remote wipe.

Step 3: Overview
Overview all your settings and remove the user with peace of mind. All data is still available, but no longer for the departing colleague.

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