Your company is already using or implementing Microsoft Teams, the new collaboration tool in the Microsoft/Office 365 suite. Microsoft Teams allows your organization to communicate in an efficient and transparent way in different teams or groups. What is less transparent is the structure of all the Teams and their members.

When you started testing Teams, at first you were happy when some colleagues wanted to test the tool with you. But you probably reached the point where you’ve lost the overview of all the Teams in your organization, especially when you gave other users the possibility to add new Teams. Even for the well-organized souls among us, it is sometimes not clear who is now part of which team. Especially if the team responsibles can add new members themselves.

The admin-Portal of Office 365 offers only limited possibilities to get some kind of report with the team structure. Several complex actions must be carried out. In this situation, CloudCare is the perfect tool. Via CloudCare you can automate one simple report to see which teams exist within your organization and which members were added to it.

This feature was requested by one of our existing customers. Like any feature request our programmers try to figure out a simple solution for you. Is this Teams-feature not what you are looking for? Then quickly request your own feature via this form and maybe you can start to work more efficiently soon.

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