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We recently released a new update of our MailCare365 webbased tool.

An overview of the new features:

Out of Office

  • Apply OOO without date is now also possible.
  • OOO-partner:

=> The customer make his/her own OOO template. Afterwards, the IT partner can adjust the template.
The button ‘new’ is now grayed out for the IT partner.


  • Added wizard “convert to shared mailbox”
  • Adjusted wizard: added “no date”
  • When end date OOO is filled out: correct selection and usage of the end date (bug-fix).
  • Existing OOO templates of the customer can now also be used.
  • Extra option: search mobile devices for remote wipe & disconnect devices.
  • Remote wipe (factory reset and remove device only e-mails)
  • Added summary of all the steps that have been taken.


  • Reports (Mailbox rights and send as rights)
  • Delete display Discovery Search mailbox. Also old entries (bug-fix).
  • OOO-adjustments: enabled and scheduled filtering.
  • Delete dates when OOO is enabled (was sometimes confusing).


  • Issue with reload page no selection is remembered.


  • Reset user’s language in bulk (folders and OWA).


  • Added Skype CALs
    Aren’t shown in the portal