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How does it work?

The idea is that the CloudC@re portal replaces the Microsoft Office 365 online portal for all daily tasks and user management.

Since CloudC@re is provided as Software-as-a-Service updates are automatically done for you, there´s no maintenance necessary. Technically CloudC@re is based on Windows Azure Websites and cloud services with SQL Azure Database.

The advantage of CloudC@re is, you need no knowledge of PowerShell and you can still use the tool perfectly.

Click here to download the table.

CloudC@re features

See a list of the basic features of the Microsoft’s admin console and CloudC@re on site.

Office 365 CloudC@re
Reports (Export To CSV)
User Mailboxes (with last logon time and last password change) rood green
Shared Mailboxes (Mailbox Languages, delete items, …) green green
Shared Mailboxes (Copy send item) green green
Room Mailboxes (Mailbox Languages, delete items, …) green green
Groups and Members green green
Folders (Inbox, Calendar, …) green green
Public Folders green green
All Mailbox full mailbox rights red green
All Mailbox send as rights green green
Contacts red green
Out of Office red green
All Forwards red green
Add disclaimer to Group green green
Use predefined variables. green green
See what you get (no html knowdlegde needed) red green
Wizard Convert to Shared Mailbox
Activate Out of Office rood green
Use Templates rood green
Remove All Licenses rood green
Check if user is synced user rood green
Convert To Shared mailbox rood green
Activate Forward rood green
Add rights for other users (full mailbox and send as) rood green
Add rights for other users (full mailbox and send as) rood green
List Mobile devices and remote whipe or disconnect them. rood green
Summary of wizard before completion. rood green
Out of office
Use Templates rood green
Set Multiple Out office at once. rood green
Create groups green green
Create Roomlist red green
Reset Languages (owa and mailbox) rood green
Change Password Complexity (multiple Users) rood green
Change Password Expiration (multiple Users) rood green
Remove, Restore Users from recycle bin rood green
Search after mail-adres rood green
Bulk Change copy sent items to shared mailbox. rood green
Manage Templates for Out of Office rood green
Limit Location and Languages rood green
Edit Users rood green
Rights (Central Point)
Manage full mailbox rights (with or without automapping) rood green
Manage send-as rights green green
Manage folder rights (Calendar, Inbox, …) rood green
On-Prem integration
Force delta and full synchronisatie rood green
Create User in Active Directory rood green
Copy User from Active Directory rood green
Edit User from Active Directory rood green
Reset Password of User of Active Directory rood green
Employee Templates
Create template for an employee red green
Add responsables to an item. red green
Sent mail to responsable when creating a new user. red green
Working Hours
Create schemes to limit access to a mailbox red green
Apply the scheme to users our groups red green
Scheduled Task
Apply settings red green
Limit rights by delegation and OU. rood green
Logging of actions rood green