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Which companies should use CloudC@re?

Typical customers of CloudC@re are larger businesses, companies with some departments or locations, educational facilities, associations and every group who uses Microsoft Office 365 and wants to use delegated administrators for managing only their own units.

Why CloudC@re?

CloudC@re fills a gap with the Microsoft Office 365 administration portal. Default there’s no detailed delegation of administrator functionality built in. For example: Administrator X can reset passwords but is not allowed to create a new user.

How are the prices?

Fill out the contactform at the end of this website or contact us directly by phone for more information.

How does it work?

CloudC@re is web-based and works like a layer above Microsoft Office 365. There is no client installation needed.

Can I configure the out of office for someone without knowing his user credentials?

It’s easy to configure the out of office assistant within CloudC@re for a certain user based on a template even when you don’t have access to the involved user profile.

Is it possible to create a partner login?

Yes, the creation of a partner login is available and it filters the access to the different Office 365 customer environments.

Can I copy Mailbox Permissions?

Yes, with CloudC@re it’s possible to copy user permissions for one user to another.