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New features have been implemented with the recent release of IT-Care’s CloudCare v3.0.1

1. Last password change (timestamp)

You can now see when the password has last been modified.
You can find this information under Reports => All, Login info & One mailbox.

2. Working hours

With CloudCare’s for Microsoft Office 365, we’d like to optimize the work/life balance of your staff. One of CloudCare’s options includes restricting access to the corporate e-mail account outside of working hours. You can set access times per user /  group, so that free time, stays free time, without being distracted by workmails.

This is now also applied and effective on mobile devices (Android / iOS / Windows Phone).

3. Language & Location

It is possible now to make a selection of your choice for the language and location. With this selection you are now able to restrict usage of the tool according to a certain location.

(There is also a report available for this which gives you the possibility to ask for mailbox information based on the usage-location.)


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Kind Regards,
The CloudCare team